HVT products for top capabilities and competence
Our solutions give you a technical and business edge.
  • more flow
  • less size
  • quicker response
  • faster dynamics
  • smaller hysteresis
  • higher reliability
  • better repeataability
  • remarkable cleanliness
  • ensured delivery
  • fair pricing

HVT products are typically used in the fields of

Industrial and mobile hydraulics
Pumps, motors, control systems, valve blocks
Mechanical engineering
Prime movers, stationary and mobile machines
Automotive industry
Drive trains, suspension, brakes and steering, hydraulic and pneumatic comfort systems

We are in touch with market demands and trends

Pressure Relief Valve
The control valve is a preassembled spring-loaded valve designed to limit/hold the pressure in hydraulic systems. The valve is supplied ready for insertion (cartridge) without any mounting and/or sealing elements.


HVT Druckbegrenzungsventil Typ 100
Size AD < 15 mm
Opening pressure between 10 bar and 900 bar
Flow 0,1 l/min up to 25 l/min @ 10 bar delta
Internal leakage usually < 1 ml/min


Non-Return Valve
The Non-Return-Valve ist a preassembled springloaded valve to prevent backflow or returning pressure-peaks in hydraulic systems.


HVT Rückschlagventil Typ 260
Size AD < 10 mm
Opening Pressure between 0,07 bar and 15 bar
Flow up to 4 l/min @ 1 bar delta
Internal leakage usually < 1 ml/min
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