HVT Pressure Relief Valve Typ 150
Performance Data
Maximum pressure 350 bar
Valve size D < 6mm
Opening pressure 10 - 900 bar, adjustable or permanently set
Flow < 5 l/min @ 10 bar delta
Internal leakage < 1 ml/min
HVT Druckbegrenzungsventil Typ 150

Pressure Relief Valve

This pressure control valve is ideal for virtually all applications in hydraulics and pneumatics thanks to its robust design and construction. The control valve is a preassembled spring-loaded valve designed to limit/hold the pressure in hydraulic systems. The valve is supplied ready for insertion (cartridge) without any mounting and/or sealing elements.


All components in contact with media are manufactured of stainless steel. The steel-on-steel valve seat seal design guarantees a long service life.

Other versions available on request.

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