Capable and competent
HVT gives you an edge in the market

HVT HydraulikVentile Technologie GmbH is a high performance supplier of state-of-the-art miniature components. Company founder Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Hampel and his team boast a long track record in this sector of the hydraulics industry.

HVT HydraulikVentile Technologie GmbH supplies valves featuring extremely compact dimensions and optimised flow/pressure-loss ratios. They are ideal in all applications demanding 100% reliability, maximised security and highest precision.

We are in touch with market demands and trends

HVT develops, produces and distributes valves for a broad spectrum of hydraulic applications. Implementing state-of-the-art technologies, our products are designed in particular for industrial and mobile hydraulics, mechanical engineering, the aerospace and automotive industries and are also suitable for pneumatics.

HVT operates modern production facilities to offer products with unusually attractive cost/benefit ratios throughout its range. Customer proximity, innovative strength and flexibility have helped HVT establish itself as a leading provider to the miniaturised hydraulics market.